New Mothers

Top 5 Tips for New Mothers

Being a new mom is an exciting experience since you naturally have a new role to take on. However, it can also be overwhelming. There are a lot of things that you have to adjust to, such as sleep time, meals and environment. Below are 5 tips that every new mother must try.


1. Let your baby tell you what they want

You have to start educating your child as soon as possible as this helps shape his/her personality, attitude, and behavior. One of the earliest things to teach is to communicate what he/she wants. Your baby should be given the opportunity to speak and express their wishes.

Giving a fixed schedule for your newborn can make the baby become rigid and with no initiative.


2. Make a Bottle That Feels and Tastes Like Mom

What bottle is best for breastfed babies? It’s often tough to find the best bottles for breastfed babies. If you want to start feeding your baby milk from a bottle, you need to find the most suitable bottle. You should find a bottle that is similar to your breast, especially its nipple. The bottle’s nipple must be convenient and soft like a real nipple.

In addition, the taste and temperature of the milk are also important, especially if your kid is quite the picky one. The more they resemble your breast milk, the more likely your child wants to drink.


3. Find a lot of information

Since it is your new role and experience, it is better if you look for more information such as how to fold clothes, entertain below 2 years old child, have enough sleep, etc. You can search for this in books as well as on the internet. You may also ask for advice from your parents, family, or friends who have been through a similar experience. You can listen to their experiences and suggestions. However, you should consider all of the tips wisely as what worked for them may not necessarily work for you. You may adopt and modify the suggestions to adjust with your condition and meet your needs.


4. Cook a simple and healthy food

It is recommended that you cook your own food when you have just given birth to help recover from some of the postpartum trauma. However, it is better if you cook simple dishes to save time to do other things or take a rest since your time is valuable at this stage. The most important thing is to ensure you eat healthy and tasty food so the body is full of nutrients that will help it in the production of milk for your baby.. Utilize your time effectively to finish your responsibilities as well as to keep your body healthy.


5. Give your baby a natural and healthy food

To help maintain and improve your newborn’s health, it is better if they are fed a natural food. For example, instead of giving processed milk or milk powder, you can give breast milk which has many benefits for your child’s health. Rather than buying instant porridge, you can make your own baby porridge from rice, meats, and vegetables that have been well-blended and mashed.

The tips mentioned above aim to assist you undergo your new role well and effectively. Hope you can get insights and lessons from this article.